Michigan State University

The academy will take place at one of the most beautiful university campuses in the U.S: Michigan State University. The university is conveniently located in East Lansing, part of the greater Lansing area, and capitol city of the state of Michigan. Centrally located, the Lansing Airport, Detroit International airport and Grand Rapids airports provide easy access to the University and the capitol area.


The Academy will feature faculty who are some of the best in their field and hold positions at top universities and orchestras from across the nation and world.


Participants of the Academy will have the opportunity to compete at the Academy competition: the competition will be part of the academy’s curriculum. Stay tuned for more information!

The Henri Selmer Summer Clarinet Academy offers an immersive experience at one of the top premiere summer educational seminars to young and talented clarinetists ages 18 and above. International artists teachers will offer a unique opportunity for daily lessons and master classes. The academy is competitive and limited to 20 student participants, which makes the ratio of teacher/students 1:4. This will give each students a personal in depth opportunity to work on their skills. Join us!

Guy Yehuda,
Academy Artistic Director